Declutter Challenge: 30-Day Guide to Getting Rid of Junk

Clothing clutter on piano keys
Clothing clutter on piano keys


Everybody has clutter. The tough thing about it is the longer we let it go, the more we gather, and the harder it is to get a handle on it. We designed this guide to decluttering to help you tackle one clutter zone in your home each week. By breaking it down into daily tasks, we’ve made the process more manageable. 

The benefits of decluttering your home

The benefits of decluttering go deeper than just the aesthetic appeal of a tidy home. Organizing and decluttering have proven benefits on our mental, physical, and emotional health. 

Less Stress

Clutter creates unnecessary stimuli that distract us from what’s really important. This often leads to feelings of anxiety and even guilt. 

Fewer Allergens

With fewer knick-knacks to collect dust, a clutter-free home is also one with reduced allergens. 

Better Sleep

Clutter impacts us physically and mentally, making it difficult to rest and relax. An organized space promotes better sleep, with fewer distractions.

Increased Creativity 

Clutter inhibits the open spaces that allow people to brainstorm and problem solve, taking a toll on creativity and productivity. 

What should you do with your junk?

Starting to declutter is one thing, but what do you do with your junk once you finally sort through it all? 

Luckily, there is an app for that! 

JUNKR is an innovative solution for junk removal. Simply set your unwanted junk outside for pick-up, snap a photo, and set your price. Once you post your listing, the nearest available driver will be on their way to haul it away. 

To download the JUNKR App, visit: https://junkrapp.com/download-the-app/

30 Day Declutter Challenge


Week 1: Closets & Storage Spaces

Day 1: Prepare for the challenge by picking-up any supplies you need, like cleaning products, storage totes, boxes, and garbage bags. 

Day 2: Tidy up your entryway by sorting and organizing your shoe and coat racks. 

Day 3: Organize your coat closet. Put away anything out of season and start a pile for donations. 

Day 4: Clear out your linen closet. Sort sheets into sets and fold towels by size. 

Day 5: Sort through old boxes in your storage room. 

Day 6: Take inventory of your basement.

Day 7: Sort, store, and prep old toys for donation.

Week 2: Bedrooms and Bathrooms 

Day 8: Purge your closets and drawers of old clothes. 

Day 9: Clean out your wallet, purse, or backpack. Throw away old ticket stubs and receipts.

Day 10: Clear off your nightstands and dressers. 

Day 11: Throw away expired medications, and old beauty products. 

Day 12: Get rid of any empty shampoo bottles and clear out the shower. 

Day 13: Wipe down your bathroom countertops. 

Day 14: You’re halfway there! Take a day off to appreciate your progress and restock supplies.

Week 3: Living Room & Office

Day 15: Organize your entertainment console. Untangle and sort cords. 

Day 16: Organize your bookshelves. 

Day 17: Tidy up your coffee table, side tables, and other surfaces.

Day 18: Clean up your desk. Sort through and recycle old papers and dry pens.  

Day 19: Clean up your filing cabinets. Shred and dispose of any old documents you no longer need.

Day 20: Digital detox. Delete and clear old files and apps from your computer and phone.

Day 21: Sort through old mail and flyers.

Week 4: Kitchen

Day 22: Clear and wipe down your kitchen counters. 

Day 23: Organize your pantry and kitchen cupboards. 

Day 24: Clean out your cutlery drawer.

Day 25: Get rid of expired condiments and perishables in your fridge. 

Day 26: Downsize small kitchen appliances. 

Day 27: Clean up under the sink.

Day 28: Vacuum and mop the floors.

Garage & Car

Day 29: Organize boxes, tools, and other items in your garage.

Day 30: Clean out and vacuum your car.

Ready to Join the Challenge?

Download the JUNKR App today and start decluttering today.